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Trailer Teamed

Shared with the Whole Park

Author: Kalyn Kain

Series: Free to Use


Publication Date: March 28, 2022

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 16,279
Estimated Pages: 65

Themes: Free Use, Ganged, Many Partners, Older Man

Beautiful twenty-year-old Riley is the most popular resident of the trailer park she calls home. At least among the many men that share the space with her. Since a jam-packed party celebrating her nineteenth birthday a year ago, her social schedule has been stuffed with excitement.

Riley has a great best friend and a never-ending stream of willing men ready to fill her every desire. Every day is a carnal adventure involving as many of her fans as can fit through the door. Her faithful and gorgeous friend Tilly frequently spectates the action, but she’s never indulged. Not a single time.

That might change the night of Tilly’s own birthday party. The swarm of attending men plan to use Riley in every way they see fit. That’s a given. Riley gifts Tilly the power to call all the shots, so to speak, and her friend puts her to work in ways not even Riley is used to. By the end of the night, both women find themselves stretched to the limit.

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