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Fraternity Flooded

Shared in the Chapter House

Author: Kalyn Kain

Series: Free to Use


Publication Date: June 6, 2021

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 12,152
Estimated Pages: 49

Themes: Free Use, Ganged, Many Partners

Nineteen-year-old Alexis thinks the world has ended when her sole sexual partner dumps her with a text over the summer. Their year-long marathon of lusty discovery is over. Alex mopes through the first few weeks of fall semester. Then it happens. Mason from calculus asks her out. He’s a bit of a math geek, but he’s a nice guy, so she agrees to the movie date.

The movie is terrible, but Mason isn’t so bad. A little making out in the movie theater leads to a desperate need for more. Those fires have awoken, and Mason is the nearest male body. They rush back to his room – his fraternity room. It’s the honors fraternity, though, not exactly party central, right? Mason does a fine job filling the hole in her ravenous need, but it’s not enough for Alex. Not even close.

Poor Alex has endured months of sexual frustration, and it’s time to play catch up. Mason introduces her to one of his friends. Then some other guy shows up. And another. The numbers continue to rise until Alex just might need her calculus textbook to figure out the totals. The men of the honors fraternity might not be big partiers. No, they’re just BIG. And they’re happy to use Alex’s insatiable body for as long as she sticks around.

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