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Cruise Crewed

Shared on Her Abstinence Trip

Author: Kalyn Kain

Series: Free to Use


Publication Date: June 2, 2021

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 16,423
Estimated Pages: 63
ASIN: B096L41R6M

Themes: Free Use, Ganged, Many Partners, Strangers

Beautiful and free-loving Hannah decides to board a cruise ship by herself, with no one she knows, hoping for a short escape from her sexually adventurous lifestyle. If no one discovers her dirty little secret, she figures, everything should be calm. It doesn’t work out quite the way she planned.

Recent college graduate Hannah walks down the ramp to her peaceful tropical cruise and is quickly greeted by a suite butler. That’s weird, she booked a dirt-cheap room, but she’s happy to let him lead her to a massive luxury suite. The man’s a complete professional, right up to the moment the door closes.

Walter suggests Hannah do something no stranger would ever suggest to another stranger. Somehow, he found out about her insatiable needs. Hannah’s skimpy dress hits the floor, and the cruise meant to be carnal-free takes a decidedly carnal turn.

One thing leads to another, and other men find out about her. Guys never can keep their mouths shut. Soon, Hannah’s cruise turns into a blur of lust not even she’s experienced before. By the time her ship docks the next week, she’s not only failed her goal, she’s blown it out of the water. And failure has never felt sweeter.

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