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Kiley or Kalyn? What’s the Difference?

First, let’s get the obvious question out of the way. Yes, Kiley and Kalyn are the same person. Two halves of the same rather naughty mind, I guess you could say. That means they have lots of similarities, but there’s also some important differences.

Kiley arrived first. She started off with an FFM Menage story (Caught Looking) and that quickly spread into stories involving one (or two) women who enjoy sex finding themselves in situations where they get involved with two or three (or eight) other men. The stories involved at least a hint of romance or affection, particularly the Hotwife stories.

Then Halloween came around and Kiley wrote and published Haunted Hayride. Things got a little more raw, a little more crazy, and a little less affectionate. It was still a Kiley Kain story, but it was starting to venture more into a sexually-liberated woman freely having sex with mostly anyone that wanted her. To a lesser extent, Hotwife Hardware also veered into this territory, though the hotwife part ensured love was involved.

Rather than potentially confuse her readers, Kiley’s personality split into two halves. Her old self continued to write the FFM ménage, hotwife, and multiple partner encounters she’s known for. Kalyn jumped in to bridge the gap to the sort of thing you’ll find in Fraternity Flooded or Cruise Crewed. To put it simply, Kalyn is the (even) dirtier half.

In all stories, from both authors, the woman is the one with the ultimate power. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to indulge in it. There’s plenty of focus on her enjoyment, no matter how much the men might love what she’s offering. There’s never serious coercion or any sense that she doesn’t want to do what she’s doing. If that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find it here.

At the risk of taking this way too seriously, I’m just going to break some of the differences down into a quick table. Enjoy it or laugh at it, your choice.


  • Varied mixes of partners, one or two women and one (often several) men
  • M/F and sometimes F/F sex, never M/M
  • Very explicit sex scenes with some limits on language (example: c-word no)
  • A lot of sex with some no-sex chapters
  • Partners talk dirty to each other
  • The woman has some limits on her sexual needs, often using the encounters to enhance a relationship or experience
  • Top themes: Many Partners and Hotwife


  • One very willing woman and lots and lots (and often lots) of men
  • M/F sex, never M/M
  • Very explicit sex scenes with few limits on language (example: c-word yes)
  • Tons of sex, often every chapter
  • Partners talk super dirty to each other
  • The woman has few to no limits, engaging in sex with potentially every man that wants her
  • Top themes: Ganged and Free Use (but please read our definition of free use, it’s not the bizarre alternative universe nonsense used by some)