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Mansion Mounted

Shared at Their Fancy Parties

Author: Kalyn Kain

Series: Free to Use


Publication Date: December 19, 2023

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 20,045
Estimated Pages: 82

Themes: Free Use, Ganged, Many Partners, Older Man

Maddie has everything a nineteen-year-old college sophomore could want, at least on the material side. Her family is obscenely rich, and she wants for nothing. Nothing except the freedom to avoid these lame society parties. When Maddie misses a music festival with her friends, she decides to act out at the latest party.

Things don’t go exactly as planned. They go far better.

She paints a naughty target on one of the handsome rich men in attendance at the party. He tries to resist, but they both know how it ends. In thirty minutes he’s in the guest room upstairs, helping himself to everything Maddie offers. She wants more. Rather than do the honors himself, he sends someone else up to the room. Then another. Before Maddie knows it, she’s claimed by the security guy, their butler, and a few randoms from downstairs.

When she’s left alone with the butler and security the whole next week, the inevitable happens. Seven days disappear into a haze of lust straight out of Maddie’s wildest dreams. The two men use her sexy body in every way imaginable.

Then the next charity party comes around. Someone discretely distributes Maddie Tickets to various men. Enough said.

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