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Hotwife Hallway

Shared at the Reception

Author: Kiley Kain

Series: Hotwife Initiations


Publication Date: July 17, 2020

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 12,643
Estimated Pages: 53
ASIN: B08D76D7R9

Themes: Hotwife, Many Partners, Strangers

Leah spends her time coming up with new and creative ways to stoke the flames of her already blazing hot marriage. When her notoriously promiscuous friend takes the wedding plunge herself, Leah discovers a fresh and forbidden lifestyle.

Clark has his hands full with his sexy wife Leah and he loves every second of it. Things heat up even more when she accidentally witnesses her friend and soon-to-be bride Melanie fully engaged with two handsome men she doesn’t even know.

Two nights later, the wedding reception provides Clark with a risky and daring opportunity to fulfill one of his wife’s naughtiest fantasies. Leah is to wait in a darkened hall for every willing man he sends her way.

Leah unleashes her barely restrained desires on the choice men her own husband selects for her. The lucky winners enjoy every inch of her hot and eager body, some of whom have their own fantasies – starring Leah.

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