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Hotwife Habitat

Shared in the Great Outdoors

Author: Kiley Kain

Series: Hotwife Initiations


Publication Date: June 30, 2020

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 10,426
Estimated Pages: 45

Themes: Hotwife, Many Partners, Outdoor Sex, Strangers

Sarah may have a wild past, but she’s devoted to her loving husband. She may fantasize a bit, but what woman doesn’t? This weekend, a little flirting with the campground manager just might lead to a whole new lifestyle.

Jason loves Sarah dearly and can’t imagine life without her. They head out for an intimate weekend camping trip. The night they arrive, he catches a man checking out his wife’s hot body. Jason expects it to anger him. Instead, it lights a fire inside both of them.

A hike to a remote swimming hole brings them face to face with three hot college guys on the trail. Jason knows it’s meant to be and invites them along. When they reach the water, he lets Sarah know anything goes. As long as he gets to watch and participate.

The guys help themselves to every part of his lovely wife’s body. The next day, when the smoke clears? Oh no, there are no regrets. Just a repeat performance that’s hotter than the first.

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