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Camping Without Him

Shared by the Football Team

Author: Kiley Kain

Series: All For Her


Publication Date: June 13, 2020

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 13,953
Estimated Pages: 58

Themes: Ganged, Many Partners, Older Man, Outdoor Sex, Strangers

When Beth’s boyfriend blows off their camping trip she decides to go alone and enjoy the solitude. A group of former football teammates sharing the campground have other plans. These guys share everything, and they want to share her.

Twenty-year-old Beth has passed the first two years of college loyal to her inattentive boyfriend. She plans a romantic summer weekend in the woods, just the two of them. When he cancels on her the day before the big event, she stubbornly goes anyway.

The campground is empty. Almost. Old football buddies invite her to a gathering around the fire. A little harmless flirting, but nothing more. That is, until her best friend calls and tells her the loser boyfriend is cheating on her. Beth’s desires suddenly require a new outlet. The hot former quarterback by the fire just happens to be the closest one.

But for a woman who’s suppressed her needs for so long? That might not be enough.

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