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My Professor’s Wife

A First Time FFM Menage

Author: Kiley Kain

Series: FFM Files


Publication Date: February 18, 2021

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 15,161
Estimated Pages: 62

Themes: F/F Sex, First Time F/F, Menage FFM, Older Man, Older Woman, Student/Professor

A little innocent flirting to improve a college class grade never hurt anyone, right? Emma’s nineteen and beautiful; her professor is an older man. How hard could it be? She never expected it to turn physical. Certainly not with the man’s wife.

Calculus is difficult, even for an intelligent college sophomore like Emma. When a class tarnishes Emma’s perfect GPA, she retakes it over winter break to improve her marks. Her sexy redhead roommate, Faye, suggests she flirt for the grade.

Emma’s straight, but she’s had a crush on Faye since they met last year. Wanting to impress her roommate, she takes her naughty advice. Faye dresses her up in a scandalous outfit, and she heads to class. Nothing happens. Or so she thought.

The professor finds her later, but it’s not his idea – it’s his wife’s. Emma worked for Allison, the older blonde bombshell, her first semester, but she had no idea the woman was into her. She goes with the couple to a supposed dinner, but it seems Emma’s the only thing on the menu.

And once she steps over that line? Maybe her crush on Faye isn’t so crazy after all.

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