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January Joining

The First Times

Author: Kiley Kain

Series: Chloe's Carnal Calendar


Publication Date: January 1, 2024

Format: Kindle Ebook

Word Count: 12,402
Estimated Pages: 57

Themes: Virgin Female

Beautiful, intelligent, and hopelessly geeky Chloe is a college senior with the world in front of her. Her endlessly hungry brain is packed with the knowledge and experience of someone much older than her twenty one years. Her only blind spot is a certain other area that’s never been packed at all. Not with the proper, err, data, anyway.

Chloe endures some teasing from her promiscuous best friend Mira and makes a bold claim. She asserts that her frequent self-stimulation is as good as anything another person could provide. But Chloe is a scientist at heart. Any worthwhile theory needs to be proven through experimentation.

Her solution? A detailed plan laid out over the next year. Twelve months of carnal discovery, carefully scheduled to expose her to all the things she’s missed out on. Chloe is sure her theory is correct. Her friend Mira can’t wait to prove her wrong, one sordid encounter at a time.

Mira sets Chloe up with her first partner, one of the many men she’s already enjoyed herself. Chloe decides her inaugural encounter needs a follow-up. Purely in the name of science, of course. As she heads toward February, the second phase of her plan, she finds her theory already in serious jeopardy. Good thing she’s keeping meticulous notes of every moment.

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