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Erotica Themes

There are a number of themes found in the kinds of erotica Kalyn and Kiley write. Most stories involve several of them blended together. A list with basic definitions is below. Click on the theme name for a page showing all the stories that involve that theme.

F/F Sex

Two or more women become sexually involved with each other. This includes all sorts of contact up to full oral sex.

First Time F/F

A woman has sex with another woman for the first time. Prior to this encounter, she likely considered herself to be entirely straight.

Free Use

Free use has a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask. For our purposes, it refers to a woman who, with her consent, is freely available for sex to those who ask her.


A woman has sex with six or more partners in one encounter.


Erotica that take place with a major holiday as a backdrop.


A married woman has sex with other men with the knowledge and consent of her husband. He may watch or participate in the encounter.

Many Partners

A woman has sex with three or more partners in the course of the story. This is the toned down version of Ganged and always accompanies that theme.

Menage FFM

FFM is an acronym for Female-Female-Male. It’s a three-way sexual experience between two women and one man, with both male-female and female-female sex. All three partners engage with the other two.

Older Man

One or more younger women engage in sex with one or more significantly older men. The age gap is typically between ten and thirty years.

Older Woman

One or more younger men engage in sex with one or more significantly older women. The age gap is typically between ten and thirty years.

Outdoor Sex

Erotica in which the partners engage in sexual activities in the great outdoors.


Sexual intercourse between men and women who don’t know each other before their encounter and often will never see each other again.


One or more students become sexually involved with one or more teachers or professors. This typically includes large age differences as well.

Virgin Female

One or more female characters have sexual intercourse for the first time.