Cruise Crewed

Cruise Crewed Cover
Beautiful and free-loving Hannah decides to board a cruise ship by herself, with no one she knows, hoping for a short escape from her sexually adventurous lifestyle. If no one discovers her dirty little secret, she figures, everything should be calm. It doesn't work out quite the way she planned.

Recent college graduate Hannah walks down the ramp to her peaceful tropical cruise and is quickly greeted by a suite butler. That's weird, she booked a dirt-cheap room, but she's happy to let him lead her to a massive luxury suite. The man's a complete professional, right up to the moment the door closes.

Walter suggests Hannah do something no stranger would ever suggest to another stranger. Somehow, he found out about her insatiable needs. Hannah's skimpy dress hits the floor, and the cruise meant to be carnal-free takes a decidedly carnal turn.

One thing leads to another, and other men find out about her. Guys never can keep their mouths shut. Soon, Hannah's cruise turns into a blur of lust not even she's experienced before. By the time her ship docks the next week, she's not only failed her goal, she's blown it out of the water. And failure has never felt sweeter.

Fraternity Flooded

Fraternity Flooded Cover
Nineteen-year-old Alexis thinks the world has ended when her sole sexual partner dumps her with a text over the summer. Their year-long marathon of lusty discovery is over. Alex mopes through the first few weeks of fall semester. Then it happens. Mason from calculus asks her out. He's a bit of a math geek, but he's a nice guy, so she agrees to the movie date.

The movie is terrible, but Mason isn't so bad. A little making out in the movie theater leads to a desperate need for more. Those fires have awoken, and Mason is the nearest male body. They rush back to his room - his fraternity room. It's the honors fraternity, though, not exactly party central, right? Mason does a fine job filling the hole in her ravenous need, but it's not enough for Alex. Not even close.

Poor Alex has endured months of sexual frustration, and it's time to play catch up. Mason introduces her to one of his friends. Then some other guy shows up. And another. The numbers continue to rise until Alex just might need her calculus textbook to figure out the totals. The men of the honors fraternity might not be big partiers. No, they're just BIG. And they're happy to use Alex's insatiable body for as long as she sticks around.

Trailer Teamed

Trailer Teamed Cover
Beautiful twenty-year-old Riley is the most popular resident of the trailer park she calls home. At least among the many men that share the space with her. Since a jam-packed party celebrating her nineteenth birthday a year ago, her social schedule has been stuffed with excitement.

Riley has a great best friend and a never-ending stream of willing men ready to fill her every desire. Every day is a carnal adventure involving as many of her fans as can fit through the door. Her faithful and gorgeous friend Tilly frequently spectates the action, but she's never indulged. Not a single time.

That might change the night of Tilly's own birthday party. The swarm of attending men plan to use Riley in every way they see fit. That's a given. Riley gifts Tilly the power to call all the shots, so to speak, and her friend puts her to work in ways not even Riley is used to. By the end of the night, both women find themselves stretched to the limit.

Holiday Handled

Holiday Handled Cover
College senior Kacey thinks she's left her free-loving lifestyle behind in her hometown. But, no matter what she does, those fires smoldering in her core never quite go out. One little mix-up with the calendar puts her restraint to the ultimate test.

When the sweet but scatterbrained blonde misses her winter trip to Europe, Kacey's friend Anne drags her to spend the break on a sprawling estate. There's just one problem. Someone there knows about her sordid history.

A blast from the past quickly releases the white-hot desire bubbling just beneath the surface. It sends Kacey on a wild three-week journey straight back to her roots. It sweeps up neighbors, old acquaintances, strangers, and even her friend's brother Ben. All of them help remind Kacey just how hot total freedom can be.