Holiday Handled

Holiday Handled Cover

Holiday Handled

Shared on Her Winter Break

Series: Free to Use #4
Published On: December 13, 2022
Format: Kindle Ebook
Themes: , , ,
Words: 16,717
College senior Kacey thinks she's left her free-loving lifestyle behind in her hometown. But, no matter what she does, those fires smoldering in her core never quite go out. One little mix-up with the calendar puts her restraint to the ultimate test.

When the sweet but scatterbrained blonde misses her winter trip to Europe, Kacey's friend Anne drags her to spend the break on a sprawling estate. There's just one problem. Someone there knows about her sordid history.

A blast from the past quickly releases the white-hot desire bubbling just beneath the surface. It sends Kacey on a wild three-week journey straight back to her roots. It sweeps up neighbors, old acquaintances, strangers, and even her friend's brother Ben. All of them help remind Kacey just how hot total freedom can be.

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