Passing Her Around

Passing Her Around Cover
What happens when one woman encounters a campground full of former football players? A neighborhood loaded with successful older men? How about a cabin hosting the college honors program? Or even a haunted corn maze with a wagon full of Halloween-masked strangers?

Find the steamy answers in the first four volumes of Kiley Kain’s All For Her series, available for the first time in this money-saving bundle. Join Beth, Ariel, Tori, and Melina as they drop their inhibitions and share themselves freely in the following four titles:

Camping Without Him
Around the Block
Honors Retreat
Haunted Hayride

It’s hot, it’s forbidden, it’s crazy and it’s All For Her. The plentiful male attention is focused solely on the woman. No Kiley Kain story includes M/M.

The stories in the All For Her Series are linked only by theme, with no common characters or locations. They can be read in any order.

Around the Block

Around the Block cover
Cash-strapped Ariel can't believe her luck when she finds a beautiful house for an amazingly low price. The only oddity? The rest of the block is all-male.

College student Ariel and her close friend Claire spend their time on two things. Classes and chasing men. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave much time for a job, so the two live in the cheapest housing they can find. When Claire leaves on a summer trip with her family, Ariel is left behind to search for their new place.

Well, she finds it. Big time. A luxurious house in an exclusive neighborhood, the cost impossibly low. It's like a dream come true. Ariel's never one to pass up a good thing, so she pounces on it. As she moves in, she's even invited to a block party, in honor of her arrival.

When she shows up and finds all her new neighbors are hot older guys? For a woman like Ariel, maybe this place really is a dream come true.